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Motto: Hope for the Underprivileged


Dateline for submission of Applications: 25th September 2021

The ACOHOF RURAL INVESTMENT FUND, a loans and savings cooperative with Board of Directors is in need of an operations manager to initiate and run its first office in Bankim town of the Bankim Sub Division of mayo Banyo Division of the Adamawa Region of Cameroon. ARIF is a newly registered loans and savings cooperative with headquarters in Bankim. The main objective of ARIF is to give everyone access to Banking services irrespective of their financial and social status the reduction of inequalities in view. 

Experience: At least two years working experience with a microfinance backed by appropriate attestations of service

Academic Qualifications:
An HND or bachelor’s degree in Banking, Accounting, Management or related studies is necessary

Personal attributes:

The candidate is expected to be friendly and open minded, strict and honest. He/she must be able to maintain a good team spirit and collaboration with hierarchy and members of the cooperative. He/she must also be goal-oriented with a problem-solving mind and have a good eye for details as well as timing. When appropriate the candidate must take and respect delegation as well as delegate when told to do so.

Key Competences:
Ability to manage a loans and savings cooperative
Ability to run and understand reports and account books in an orderly manner, to present to the treasurer, the accountant and the board
Ability to keep good records and timely reporting
Ability to communicate effectively in English and in French. Knowledge of Tikar, Kwanja, Lamnso, yamba or any of the local languages spoken in Bankim will be advantage. 
Ability to use ICTs and software such as word, excel and other spreadsheets, PowerPoint and to communicate via zoom, teams and other similar apps

Under the supervision of the board of directors the successful candidate shall among other tasks be expected to:
•    Run the ARIF office from morning to Midday
•    Carry out daily savings in the afternoon
•    Carry out community mobilization, sensitization and registration of new members especially during the week ends
•    Meticulously keep and update all records of the cooperative
•    Propose periodic budgets and execute the budgets once approved
•    Respect the approved status of the cooperative
•    Create and maintain working relationships with stake holders and the staff of FFS Bankim
•    Produce and give information for the external communication of ARIF
•    Animate groups affiliated with ARIF regularly
•    Identify and register social groups to ARIF
•    Propose the necessary management tools for the smooth operation of the Cooperative
•    Report regularly to the board of directors 
•    Discuss problems that have occurred and bring forth suggestions, to the board

Candidates should be capable of carrying out an online interview and should address their applications using the email address info@arifafrica.org to:
The President of the Board of Directors
Coop CA ARIF, Bankim